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Summer's nearly here! That means days at the beach, and that means the clock is really ticking on that New Year's resolution to get in shape. But don't panic; there are great diet and exercise strategies that can really make a short-tem impact on your weight, especially when paired with the proper supplement to maximize their effects. For fast weight-burning, try Diet Pills with Ephedra.

Ephedra is an all-natural stimulant that has thermogenic properties. The short version is that thermogenics burn fat, but the science behind it is that thermogenic supplements, like caffeine, capsicum, and diet pills with Ephedra increase the metabolism of adipose (fatty) tissue, generating an increase in body temperature. As a result, these products are commonly called fat burners.

In addition to diet pills with Ephedra, there are some other proven weight loss strategies that you can turn to. Try the following to shed pounds and keep them off:

-- Drink water. Even if you've already switched to diet sodas, dropping them in favor of water will show some noticeable benefits. Water increases your metabolism by keeping the kidneys flushed and free of waste. Water (obviously) keeps you hydrated, which will curb hunger. As a bonus, drinking ice water every day instead of other beverages will burn up to 430 calories a week (the ice lowers your body temperature, and has to burn calories to raise it back to normal).

-- Balance your diet. Every time you turn around, there's a new reigning opinion on whether carbs, protein, or fats are good for you. The truth is that, in the right proportion, a balanced diet of all three will contribute to reliable, healthy weight loss. As long as you are eating fewer calories than you burn in a day, you're going to lose weight; a diet's goal is to optimize that weight loss so that it isn't all water and muscle.

-- Exercise. It's a no-brainer, but there's no surer way for a diet to fail than to slack off on exercise. If you can't find the time for 30 minutes or more to work out each day, split your workout into increments of 10 minutes at various times during the day.

Products like Green Stinger Ephedra are a great way to get the advantage in your battle with the bulge for about six weeks. Their effect will diminish over time as the body gets used to them, but as a short-term addition to your regimen, they'll definitely have an effect.

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