Drop The Fat and Keep The Muscle

Truth is, any time you lose fat, you run the danger of cutting into muscle as well. It’s a tricky balance you need to strike, but the key is to drop as much fat while preserving as much lean muscle as possible. Here’s a few quick tips to keep in mind:

* Be certain to get your protein in every 3 hours (this is key). Also, be sure to take some protein in before bed (no carbs though).

* Try supplementing with L-Glutamine: it not only helps you get lean, it also seems to have a muscle-sparring effect in most people.

* You can drop your carbs down pretty low to tighten, but don't drop the good fats down too much. Supplementing with Omega 3s and or flax seed oil can help.

* You'll want to consider cycling your calories if you're not doing this already. See the Ultimate Muscle Mass and Anabolic Nutrition Programs for more tips.

* Don't make your diet too complex: lean protein is the key, processed sugar is to be avoided.

* Remember, when you're natural, it's a tough job to drop fat and maintain mass. It can be done, but you have to go after it intelligently. Getting that constant influx of high-quality protein is really your #1 priority.

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