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Due to customer demand, we at have comprised a list of the best selling 10mg ephedra diet pills and 25mg ephedra diet pills. We will update this list each month so you can see what the hottest ephedrine products isupplements customers are getting the best weight loss success with!

10mg Ephedra Products:

1.) Hydroxytrol - Compared by many to the original Hydroxycut with ephedra. HOT!

2.) Red Dawn Stack Rush - Reported to be very effective with weight loss with lots of added energy.

3.) Megadrine RFA-1 - Comparable to the original Xenadrine RFA-1. Highly effective dieting pill.

4.) Metabothin - Compared the hottest selling ephedra diet pill in the history of weight loss - Metabolife 356.

5.) Yellow Cross - Effective fat burning thermogenic. Fast acting!

6.) Ripped Power - Very similar to TwinLab Ripped Fuel with ephedra. Awesome!

8.) Superdrine RX-10 - Very comparable to Xenadrine RFA-1. Powerful fat loss pills!

9.) Metabodrene 356 - Another Metabolife 356 clone. Great reports of effective weight loss.

10.) Hydroxyslim - Reports of being like MuscleTech Hydroxcut with ephedra.

25mg Ephedra Products:

1.) Lipodrene -This is the most re-ordered ephedra product at isupplements! 5 star!

2.) Yellow Bullet - 2nd best selling product at i-Supplements. Compared to Yellow Swarm!

3.) ECA Xtreme - A true ECA Stack. Great for energy and fat loss.

4.) Blu Impact - With 27mg of ephedra, this is not for beginners. Very hot ephedra!

6.) Metabotrol - Very similar to Metabolife 356, but some people are reporting better results.

7.) Tri-Stack - This a very strong and effective weight loss supplement. 100% positive feedback!

8.) Yellow Devils - Very strong ephedra thermogenic fat loss pill. Great for weight loss and energy.

9.) Red Hot XS - Only for sale for 7 days, this will be a top 3 ephedra seller by the end on the month!

10.) Phenterdrine P57 - Ephedra with Hoodia. Fat loss and appetite suppressant!

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