Plasma Jet Review

It’s not often that I take any “performance enhancing” product for my workouts, as I typically stick to products that strictly help in recovery as I don’t have much in my budget for supplements at this point in time.

Recently a friend of mine who is all about performance enhancing products, specifically the NO2 products, picked up some Gaspari Plasma Jet from He opened it at the counter and gave me three blister packs to let me try it. I used one blister pack before my next workout, about two hours before actually, and I got a great pump. What I liked about it was that not only did I get a good pump during my workout, but also it honestly seemed to last the rest of the day, and I even looked a little harder the next morning. A couple days later I took the second pack and got a great response. Now I was told that you’re not supposed to take a pack two days in row, but rather every other day. I didn’t listen to this as I thought it was just a way to hype it up, make it sound stronger than it is, in effort to make it sell. Well I was wrong. The pumps after two days in a row were fantastic, but almost painful in my arms, and caused me to stop the workout early. I will say that the rest of the day and all of the next I looked hard as a rock. This is a damn impressive supplement for someone who likes performance-enhancing products and is seeking a kick ass pump. I’ve not seen anything like it, ever.

Gaspari Plasma Jet

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