Joint Support and Repair

Just about anyone who has been lifting weights for years (I myself have been for over 15 years) will usually end up with some kind of joint injury. Whether it is a torn rotator cuff, to an entire knee replacement, these types of injuries plague those of us who frequent gyms and fitness centers. Amateur and professional athletes involved in anything from MMA or football, to the non-contact sports of tennis and even golf also have to deal with these career-threatening joint injuries. Many people who’ve never lifted a weight in their life can also fall victim to these injuries. From the elderly to an unfortunate accident victim, joint health is an integral part of enjoying your life to the fullest.

Common causes of these injuries can range from:

· Improper form while performing exercises
· Aging
· Using too much weight while exercising
· Repercussions of nearly any type of accident
· Distractions while lifting
· Improper footwear
· Trying to perform an exercise too quickly
· Everyday joint wear and tear
· Sports injuries

If your joint injuries are not to the point where reconstructive surgery is the only hope in saving them, there are many joint support products out there that can work wonders in helping to relieve your pain, as well as actually repairing the joint damage. Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM is the most popular combination for joint support. These three key ingredients have had incredible success for those looking for a cost effective way to keep their joints healthy and mobile.

So which products out there are worth using?

A favorite of mine was always Joint Care by Beverly International. Three softgels a day provide the following combination for joint health:

· Glucosamine 1000mg
· MSM 750mg
· Chondroitin 200mg
· 30 servings per bottle

Recently I happened to come across Arthrolyze by Species Nutrition. Since Beverly’s Joint Care was already doing the job of keeping my joints healthy, I decided to compare the labels of each product. To my surprise, in 5 capsules of Arthrolyze there is the powerful combination of:

· Glucosamine 2000mg
· MSM 2000mg
· Chondroitin 500mg
· 60 servings per bottle

At first glance, this may look as if Species Nutrition’s Arthrolyze has simply doubled the ingredient amounts of Beverly International’s Joint Care. But let’s break it down a little better.

If you reduce your intake of Species Nutrition’s Arthrolyze from 5 capsules to 3 capsules per serving, you end up getting roughly the same amount of these key ingredients that you would with Beverly’s Joint Care (slightly more, actually). As an added bonus you end up increasing your servings per bottle to a whopping 100 compared to Joint Care’s 30 servings. It would take over three bottles of Beverly International’s Joint Care to equal one bottle of Species Nutrition’s Arthrolyze. That’s $50.97 for three bottles of Joint Care, compared to $39.99 for one bottle of Arthrolyze, so you end up saving on the financial end as well.

Now I don’t want to sound as if I’m tearing down Beverly International’s Joint Care, it’s an excellent product, but as far as joint repair supplements go, I don’t know of anything out there that can compete with Arthrolyze by Species Nutrition.

So who is the face behind Species Nutrition? It’s IFBB professional bodybuilder Dave Palumbo. Dave has been competing in bodybuilding for years and knows his way around the nutritional supplement world. His entire Species Nutrition supplement line provides excellent products at affordable prices.

So do your joints a favor and keep them healthy and mobile with the powerful ingredients and cost effectiveness of Species Nutrition’s Arthrolyze!

Tim Mielke
Competitive Bodybuilder and Author

Tim Mielke has been involved in the supplement industry for over 15 years. As a former competitive body builder and personal trainer, Tim has extensive first-hand knowledge of the benefits and pitfalls of fitness supplementation. Knowledge so extensive, in fact, that his book, “The Book of Supplement Secrets: A Beginners Guide to Nutritional Supplements,” was recently published and is currently available through Tim brings this supplement and bodybuilding know-how to as a contributing author and researcher.

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