Are you taking care of your liver?

The liver weighs about four pounds, is the largest gland in the body, and is the only internal organ that will regenerate itself if part of it is damaged. The liver has hundreds of functions in the body, including destroying bacteria, storing vitamins, and clotting the blood. The most important function is the secretion of bile (necessary for digestion). In addition to digestion and energy production, the liver also acts as a detoxifier by excreting toxic substances through the kidneys and bowels. So, in order for the liver to function properly, the kidneys must also function properly. The kidneys remove waste products from the body, keep chemicals in balance, and maintain the body’s water balance.

The liver and kidneys work together as the body’s detoxification system, removing toxins that result from environmental pollutants, poor diet, stress, alcohol and tobacco consumption, coffee and tea, medications, etc. However, these organs can only function optimally when they are clean and provided with certain nutrients. When toxins build up in the system, the liver and kidneys are unable to function optimally and the body begins to store toxins in the tissues. As the toxins build up, common symptoms occur, such as fatigue, headaches, irritability, poor digestion, bad breath, and potentially more.

Through research, several supplements have been shown to nutritionally support the liver.

Milk Thistle:

Supports detoxification of the liver, speeds up liver function & helps generate new, healthy liver cells.

Changes the makeup of Bile, helping to reduce the risk of gallstones.

Milk Thistle defends liver against toxins by changing the structure of liver cells…preventing the toxins from getting in.


Burns fat & controls cholesterol buildup in the body.

Regulates kidneys, liver & gallbladder.

Banishes fatigue.

Forms phosphatidylcholine, which is needed for proper mental functioning.

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