Male Breast Cancer

If you’re consistently in a gym, then there is no denying that you’re more aware of your body that most other men. Typically, most men are initially most aware of their chests. If you’re ever taken prohormone supplements, then you may be more aware of your nipples. Some prohormones can lead to gynecomastia, a condition in which your nipples swell as a result of growing breast tissue. Not sure if you knew or not, but men are prone to breast cancer just like women. Approximately every year more than 1,00 men develop carcinoma of the breast. It is seen more in older men, but is being seen more and more in younger men. Recent studies on male breast cancer discovered that breast cancer rates in men increased in just under 10 years. Just as elusive as female breast cancer is, male breast cancer is still unsure of the exact causes. Men have glandular breast tissue that is subject to hormonal influences. Men working in steel mills, furnaces, rolling mills or other environments of intense heat have also been shown to have a slightly higher incidence of breast cancer. Genetic factors may play a role. But the most typically found reason why breast cancer is seen in men is throughout the use of prohormone supplements and enhancers. Quick Tip: If you’re noticed a change in your chest or nipples, don’t freak out, consult a trained physician and have them check it out.

Here are some symptoms and signs of male breast cancer:

  • Breast mass under the nipple (Firm, not tender)
  • Nipple retraction, ulceration or destruction because of the short distance to the nipple.
  • Nipple discharge
  • A prolonged rash or irritation of the nipple

*A biopsy is required to make a proper diagnosis.

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