Prohormone Supplements vs. Anabolic Steroids
Is There a Difference?

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For a little over 2 decades now, bodybuilders and athletes alike have been using prohormones. The term prohormone is used to describe bodily substances that are likely going to become active hormones later on. The biggest reason for their use is to try and skirt the law that makes anabolic steroids illegal. Bodybuilders and athletes are hoping to gain the same benefits that they would gain from using steroids without putting themselves in legal crosshairs. Anabolic steroids have been placed on the illegal list for a long time now. It was only recently that prohormones were placed right beside steroids on that list.

In the United States, at least, prohormones are now listed as being illegal. People can also get hormone treatments from their doctor, which has now placed prohormones in the sights of the Food and Drug Administration for tighter rules and regulations. The FDA also oversees the rules and regulations of prescription hormone treatments. Essentially it works like this. A prohormone is the beginning stage of an anabolic steroid, much like testosterone. It is fully intended for these beginning stages to be converted to full-on steroids later on during the metabolism phase.

Prohormones are primarily used by bodybuilders and athletes to enhance their body size and increase their endurance, strength, as well as lower their amount of time it takes to recover, and add on some extra body mass. Typically, they will be used for their ability to increase muscle mass while reducing body fat. Some groups are even using prohormones as a way of moving away from the use of prescription drugs with hormone replacement therapy. Among bodybuilders, prohormones have become very popular, as the intended effects are very similar to those of anabolic steroids. However, the effects end results are not nearly as drastic. Many companies currently manufacture prohormones as a way to increase the amount of muscle strength that is gained.

Just as prohormones have pretty much the same exact intended effects as anabolic steroids, they also have nearly identical side effects. The side effects that people see with prohormones, however, are pretty much dependent upon the user. For example, hair loss is one of commonly seen side effects that are linked to steroid use. If somebody has it in their own genetic code to be the next in line in their family to experience male pattern baldness, then this side effect while using prohormones will likely be experienced.

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