What Are The Top Ephedra Products?

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Many customers of I-Supplements have contacted us wanting to know what are the top ephedra products, whats new or how much longer will ephedra diet pills be available. So, we want to provide all of our customers whats hot and whats not, our top sellers list of all time and what we think will happen with the sales of ephedra diet pills.

The new thing many do not know is the new products containing 10mg of ephedra leaves. These effective products are currently whats hot and selling like crazy right now. I-Supplements.com is one of the few companies that has the ability to sell these extremely new and effective weight-loss products, but we do not know for how much longer. Here is a list of what is currently available for a limited time:

  • Eca Xtreme - now available for weight loss and increased energy.

  • Metabodrene 356 - compare to the original Metabolife 356 to burn fat and become more alert

  • Hydroxyslim - compare to Hydroxycut w/ Ephedra for extra weight loss at everyday low prices.

  • Tri-Stack - with 25mg of ephederine and hoodia to help suppress high appetites.

  • Megadrine RFA-1 - is similar to the old Xenadrine RFA-1 for extra fat loss and boost of energy.

The ban of selling ephedra was banned in April of 2005 by a Utah Judge, allowing companies to sell 10mg or less of ephedra. Since then there have been additional attempts from the FDA to make ephedra unavailable for good and we believe that will happen very soon due to court cases that happened in October of 2006. It does not look good at all and the days of ephedra or anything involving the ephedra plant will most likely be gone.

Written By
Brian Bemis, Contributing Author

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