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Total Body Research Labs Testimonials from a Husband & Wife

In the summer of 2007, after looking at pictures of ourselves, we realized how much weight we gained over the years. Our doctor recommended we “jump start” our weight loss with the Total Body Research starter pack. One year later, in the summer of 2008, I had reduced from a size 18 to a size 12/14. Throughout the year people were constantly commenting on how different I looked.

The Total Body Research Labs products I used, & still do are:

  • Lepti-Trim daytime tab 3x/day
  • Limu NEI a half pack late afternoon
  • Night-time (PM) 1 ½ tsp. before bed

Also I used the Lepti-Trim Cleanse for two weeks at a time, every 6 months. I cannot say enough positive comments about the Lepti-Trim products.

I noticed changes within a week. Here is a list of changes I experienced.

  • Fluid puffiness left
  • More energy and energy level staying consistent through out the day, this was a great benefit.
  • Overall just felt better.
  • Slept great during the night
  • Woke up more rested and ready to roll.
  • Not as hungry, lost that horrible gnawing feeling.

Other Notes of Interest:

~ Good foods like fresh fruits and vegetables are now satisfying to eat, actually desire these healthy foods.

~ I was enabled to only eat the three meals a day like our Doctor laid out for us. (AM, noon, PM) and was satisfied. I wasn’t starved in-between meals.

~ Was enabled to break the bad habit of eating 3-4 hours before going to bed.

~ Our skin has shrunk as we lost, people comment my skin looks so much better and that I look younger.

Another testimony for Total Body Research Labs

Our Doctor recommended the Total Body Research Labs Colostrum pineapple wafers as supplemental. Last winter I noticed a sore throat coming on, so I let a wafer dissolve in my mouth, and my throat felt better. Next day I did the same thing, and never got the sore throat and head cold that lots of people were getting.

I recommend these supplements to everyone. I have one more size to go, will reach it, and equally important are the health benefits of proper nutrients, feeling great, and keeping a strong immune system.

Let me also add… i-Supplements has proven great to order from. The customer service personnel have been VERY friendly, helpful, accommodating, and timely. My orders have shipped on time with no damage. I will continue to do business with them.

Diane from Iowa

A year + ago we were introduced to the Total Body Research Lepti-Trim supplements. Our Dr. explained that when our body receives proper & complete nutrition in the correct ratio, health and weight loss are benefits. I have been using the Lepti-Trim shake as part of my breakfast, the daytime capsules morning noon and afternoon, Limu NEI and nighttime liquid. Dr. also had us use the colon cleanse several times a year. So far I have lost 70 pounds and several pant sizes. What impressed me the most is how Lepti-Trim helped take away the cravings and hunger pangs. This has made it “do-able” to limit my eating to the three regular meals and feel satisfied. I simply have not been as hungry and in between meals, I am able to walk away from food and not eat. I also used to be hungry and snack on food before going to bed. But with the Lepti-Trim Night time, you cannot eat food 3 hours before taking it and going to bed. Again, with this nutritional supplement, I am not as hungry and enabled to just drink some tea but not eat late in the evening. I have energy and feel good. We will continue using the Lepti-Trim supplements.

The LimuZ NEI is also excellent as it has some added nutrition over the Limu NEI. We are going to use both as long as we can. Again, I wholly recommend these products to all and also as a good place to order from.

Mike from Iowa

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