What is Cell-Tech?


CELL-TECH is a revolutionary product that has been developed by researchers at MuscleTech Research and Development. CELL-TECH is a third generation creatine supplement that has been scientifically designed to maximize the absorption of creatine into the muscle cells thereby causing a powerful cell-volumizing effect. Studies have shown that when a muscle cell is "volumized", it causes an anabolic response which in turn stimulates muscle growth.

Each serving of CELL-TECH contains 10 grams of pharmaceutical grade creatine monohydrate, which is twice as much as any other brand of creatine on the market. This may sound like too high of a dose but there are reasons why 10 grams is in the formula. You see, if you consumed 10 grams of creatine under normal circumstances then you would probably be wasting half. But CELL-TECH is not just a high quality creatine supplement. CELL-TECH contains a unique ingredient called lipoic acid which has been shown in studies to mimic the actions on insulin. In fact, lipoic acid is so effective that it hasbeen used in Europe as treatment for certain types of diabetes instead of insulin - now that's powerful stuff! Dr. Hans Tritschler and Dr. Richard Lefebrvre believe that lipoic acid is an incredible breakthrough. Dr. Richard Lefebrvre states "the lipoic acid that is present in CELL-TECH dramatically increases the absorption of creatine into the muscle cells. This makes CELL-TECH the most effective creatine supplement available". With lipoic acid mimicking the actions of insulin in the body, it forces more creatine into the muscle cells, the greater your muscle gains will be. Theclinical tested dosage of lipoic acid is 200 mg which is the exact amount that has been added to CELL-TECH's formula.

Also each serving contains 75 grams of insulin-releasing dextrose which also forces more creatine into the muscle cells. Science has shown that 75 grams of dextrose is the exact dose that is necessary to maximize insulin levels. In fact, doctors throughout the United States and Europe give patients 75 grams of dextrose (the exact amount in CELL-TECH) for the glucose tolerance test for diabetes. No other supplement on the market contains this medically proven dose. Actually, some other brands of creatine contain only 33 grams of dextrose which is obviously an inferior amount. For moreinformation on this product, training, or nutrition contact an ISSA or Parrillo Certified Personal Trainer at www.I-Supplements.com

CELL-TECH also contains other insulin-potentiating ingredients such as chromium picolinate, taurine, phosphates and key vitamins and minerals. These ingredients maximize cell hydration and protein synthesis.

Put all the nutrients together and you have one hell of a potent muscle-building supplement! MuscleTech's research indicates that CELL-TECH is up to 500% more effective than regular creatine monohydrate products. The gains from test subject have been unbelievable. Even after seven days of use, many test subjects are gaining 5 to 10 pounds of lean body mass. *Results may vary for each individual but MuscleTech is confident that you will be able to make the best gains of your life.

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