Yerba - What is Yerba Mate?

What is Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate (IlexParaguariensis), a member of the holly family, is a herb which grows wild insub-tropical areas of South America. The Jaguar Yerba Company importsorganically cultivated yerba from the largest plantation in Argentina where theleaves and young twigs are sustain ably harvested, leaving the mature shrubs tocontinue producing for many years. For optimum flavor and benefits the herb ismilled in traditional proportions of 80% leaves, 10% twigs and 10% powder.


Yerba Mate isknown to be high in Anti-Oxidants and rich in vitamins, minerals, Amino Acids andenzymes. Traditionally this herb was used as a whole body tonic and believed toenergize and rejuvenate, enhance endurance, support mental clarity and promotewell being. Because it breaks down fat (lypolytic action), dieters find Yerbavery helpful. 

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