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Acai in recent months has become extremely popular here at and has skyrocketed in users due the exposure of its potent benefits on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Besides reports of weight loss, others have reported feeling more youthful and having increased energy levels and has made believers of the many people who have started using Acai. Wouldn’t you like to have more energy without the use of harsh stimulants? How about loosing those unwanted pounds with the use of a popular Acai capsule?

Acai comes in many different forms such as pills, powder and liquid acai drinks. People who have looking for the popular acai diet product seem to find that the powder form such as To Go Brands Acai Natural Energy Boost Drink Packets are the easiest and most effective. These easy to use packets are great for people who are on the go and want to add some great benefits to their own personal water bottle.

Acai Berries also has an impressive amount of antioxidants per serving. With antioxidant levels more than 10 times higher than grapes and blueberries you will be sure to stay healthy with the consistent use of the acai berry, also considered by the natives of Brazil as natures perfect food. Antioxidants will help remove free radicals from your body and also boost your immune system. So consider acai self defense against viruses and unwanted colds.

Acai is pronounced (Ah-sah-ee) and grows in tropical Central and South America mainly in the floodplains and wetlands. The Acai palm produces a crop two times a year and has to be rapidly processed due to it rapidly deteriorating.

Besides hearing of weight loss stories using the acai berry other benefits include:

·Increased energy levels
·Improves digestive function
·Improves mental clarity/focus
·Better sleep patterns
·Contains several important minerals
·Powerful free radical fighter
·High levels of fibers

Other great benefits of acai also include:

·Cleanses and Detoxifies the body of infectious toxins
·Boost immune system
·Enhances sexual desire and performance
·Fights cancerous cells
·Slows the aging process
·Promotes healthier and younger-looking skin
·Alleviates diabetes
·Helps regulates cholesterol levels
·Helps maintain healthy heart function
·Minimizes inflammation
·Better circulation
·Supports weight loss
·Relieves arthritis pain

Why not be one of the millions who are benefiting from the acai berry? Feel younger and more energetic right away with this safe energy fruit and learn why Oprah is raving about acai supplements.

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