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Calcium Supplements
Calcium Supplements
Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body that has several very important functions. Over time, your bones undergo continuous remodeling. Because of this your bones go through a constant resorption, or the breaking down of bone, and deposition of calcium into newly deposited bone. During childhood there is a higher amount of bone formation and less breakdown. In early and middle adulthood, it stays relatively stagnant, and in aging adults, especially postmenopausal women, it exceeds its formation, resulting in major bone loss, which increases the risk of osteoporosis.

Your bones are living tissues that continuously change throughout your lifetime. That is why it is very important to consume adequate amounts of calcium during your childhood. As well as consuming calcium, you should engage in weight bearing workouts such as:

~ Walking
~ Running
~ Dancing
~ Swimming
~ Bicycling
~ Aerobics
~ Water aerobics
~ Skating
~ Rollerblading

Weight bearing workouts are those that cause your bones and muscles to work against gravity. Resistance training is also important because it helps to improve muscle mass and overall bone strength.

Calcium can be easily found in many different food products. For those of you who might be lactose intolerant or vegans though, there are other calcium rich alternatives available for you. Some of these calcium sources are found in most greens and vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, kale and broccoli. It is a fact though that you will find an abundance of calcium in dairy sources which are the main source of calcium intake in ones diet such as:

~ Yogurt
~ Milk
~ Cheese
~ Cottage cheese

If you might not be getting sufficient amounts of calcium in your diet then you should consider taking a calcium supplement. Calcium Mineral Supplements come in a variety of different forms such as pills, tablets, powders and liquids. Research the different supplements to determine which is the best calcium supplement for you. When looking into calcium supplements make sure you check the nutritional label. Make sure the calcium supplement has been vitamin D enhanced. Calcium supplements with vitamin D help better support healthy bones. You should also take a look at how much calcium is in a serving size. Doing so will help you determine which supplement to use for your specific needs. Note: The typical serving size of a calcium pill form supplement is 1 – 2 pills every 24 hours. (Containing at least 750 - 1000mg of calcium, plus 100 - 400IU of vitamin D).

There are some known relationships between calcium deficiency and certain diseases and ailments including:

~ Colon and prostate cancers
~ Bone disease
~ High blood pressure
~ High cholesterol
~ Depression
~ Kidney stones
~ Celiac disease
~ Kidney disease
~ Migraines

It has been scientifically observed that because of these calcium deficiencies that many of these diseases can more easily occur over time. For instance, individuals whom intake an adequate amount of calcium tend to have reduced blood pressure. So consider implementing a value priced calcium supplement in substitution of a doctor prescribed medication that can eat away at your wallet!

Everyone has different calcium needs. It is very important to get enough calcium from the healthy foods your eat, or through the aid of calcium supplements. Calcium plays many roles and has multiple uses throughout your body. Getting enough calcium is crucial to many people to help prevent many diseases and ailments. Adding calcium to your diet may help prevent future issues, and save you money overtime, instead having to pay doctor bills and pricey prescription costs. When beginning a new regiment or diet plan with the addition of calcium supplements, it is important that you research your needs and find the best calcium supplement so you can feel great and not break your bank account.

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