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Creatine Ethyl Esters are a step above regular creatine monohydrate. These compounds have esters added. Creatine monohydrate boosts muscle development and strength while enhancing performance at the same time. The biggest issue found with the monohydrate version is that some cells have trouble absorbing it. This inefficiency means you need more of the monohydrate version to get the results you desire. The esters added to this formulation helps avoid the problem of creatine inefficiency. They also avoid the famed “creatine bloat” that comes with the monohydrate version. When the creatine is not absorbed, it sits out the cell and attracts water. The water packs in and expands the surrounding tissue. Thus, you get bloated.

How does creatine ethyl ester supplements avoid the problem, which the monohydrate formulas are so famous for? The esters occur naturally in fat cells found in most animals including humans. The creatine ethyl compound utilizes the esters to penetrate the fat cells where the creatine monohydrate cannot. This lowers the amount of creatine required to get the same results. You will see faster results as well since the processing is more efficient. This processing efficiency also radically diminishes or eliminates the creatine bloat effect.

Creatine ethyl ester supplements work for people of any age group and fitness level. They show the same benefits of those using the creatine monohydrate formulation with higher levels of absorption. If you are looking to enhance your bodybuilding or just boost your fitness level, these supplements are a great way to begin. You get the boost of cellular energy. This gives an athlete the power required to do more in one training session. That benefit is why creatine is the rage amongst those looking to up their fitness level.

When you can do more work in a single session, you will see your muscles building almost before your eyes. That is why creatine ethyl ester supplements should be part of your regimen. You will get high amounts of energy and you will see results quickly. With the efficiency of these formulations, you get more with less. They get you stronger and faster within a short amount of time. They move energy through the muscle tissues faster than regular supplements do. Creatine Ethyl Esters also provide reactions at the cellular level that expand your ability to workout exponentially. Moreover, despite a few weird claims, this formulation does actually exist and it works as advertized.

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