GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) Supplements


GABA Supplements
GABA Supplements
GABA is the most abundant and important inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain. Gamma-amino butyric acid was first developed in 1883. GABA was discovered in 1950 to be an integral part of the mammalian central nervous system. GABA powder can be helpful to a variety of people because of its amazing qualities. Bodybuilders along with many athletes have enjoyed the benefits of this herbal product and what it has to offer which include:

·Promotes well being
·Reduces Muscle Tension
·Limits stress, anxiety, and depression
·Induces Relaxation and Sleep
·Increases the level of HGH

GABA powder is popular in the bodybuilding community because GABA stimulates the anterior pituitary, and leads to an increase in the production of HGH. Human Growth Hormone aids in muscle building and fat loss due to its anabolic and lipotropic qualities. As we age, our natural leveles of HGH tend to drop and that makes it more difficult to lose unwanted weight. Gama-Amino Butyric Acid and other sports nutrition products can help with weight control. Plenty of exercise and a gaba supplement will increase your HGH levels so you can obtain some of the benefits of HGH that include:

·Anti-Aging Effects
·Less Body Fat
·More Lean Muscle
·Lowers Blood Pressure
·Improves Libido

With many herbal products in the sports supplement industry, GABA is front runner for anxiety prevention and is a great nutrient for improved sleep. This amino acid can be used with other herbal supplements to combat mild cases of insomnia and anxiety. Valerian root and melatonin are popular alternatives to GABA supplements and can also be used in a rotation with each other. GABA is available in capsules, powder, tablets and tea. Experts recommend 500-1000 mg for sleep and should be taken about one hour before bed. For chronic pain we recommend a dosage of 250-500 mg a day and around 250mg three times a day for stress. GABA should be taken between meals and not with food. Make sure that you keep it stored in a dry cool place away from heat and moisture. Gaba supplements are extremely safe. Gama-Amino Butyric Acid is also safe for children to use, however each child is different so Gaba should be administered under the supervision of a healthcare provider. GABA has also been used to treat individuals with methamphetamine and cocaine addictions. Based upon newmerous scientific studies, GABA has been proven to be safe and effective for adults and children who are looking for the positive qualities that GABA can offer.

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