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HMB Bodybuilding Supplements – Increasing Muscle Mass

HMB bodybuilding supplements are becoming more and more widely used in training regimens, because they are a very useful tool for decreasing the breakdown of proteins caused by heavy training. They also increase your body’s ability to retain nitrogen, which results in an increase to lean muscle mass and overall strength. Knowing how to use these supplements is important, and each type of supplement is a little different. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the more popular products available, as well as how they should be used in order to get the best results.

HMB from the developer EAS is one of the more popular HMB bodybuilding supplements, because it features a branched chain amino acid, or BCAA, that has been shown to augment the body’s ability to reduce the breakdown of proteins and the damage to muscle cells. This damage is typically caused after intense exercise routines that use a lot of resistance exercise, and by reducing the breakdown of these proteins, HMB can help your body increase the rate at which new muscles grow. EAS was one of the first developers to provide HMB supplements, and their formula is regarded to be one of the best.

HMB by Optimum Nutrition is billed as an endurance and muscle repair supplement, and is one of the better HMB bodybuilding supplements available. Research conducted in a peer reviewed journal showed that HMB can have an effect on the body’s ability to increase its overall muscle mass, as well as the product of strength building exercise. A small amount of HMB (about three grams) taken every day can dramatically decrease the body’s tendency to break down proteins used in muscle building, and to assist in the body’s ability to repair muscles that are damaged by high stress exercise.

If you are attempting to build a high degree of muscle mass and tend to favor high stress exercises that can damage muscles, then HMB bodybuilding supplements are a great solution. Muscles are naturally broken down after periods of intense physical exercise, and HMB is a great tool for reducing or completely negating the extent of this breakdown. If you want to retain a greater degree of muscle mass after exercising, then these supplements are an important tool in your arsenal. They are very effective, but unlike other supplements like anabolic steroids carry no health risks and can be safely used by almost anyone.

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