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Hoodia Gordonii Supplements – A Miracle of the Desert for Weight Loss

Hoodia gordonii supplements come from a plant native to South Africa’s desert. It is a popular supplement for helping individuals promote weight loss. Its affectivity has made it the next popular option after Ephedra Diet Pills. The claims for appetite control come from the natives of the Kalahari Desert. They have used hoodia for millennia to stave off hunger during hunting experiences. These claims gave scientists the curiosity to test the plant to identify how it works. A substance known as P57 is the only identified ingredient that scientists have identified to appetite suppression. The plant comes in several forms that range from powders to teas.

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How do hoodia gordonii supplements work? Experienced users have noted they help suppress the appetite for long periods. This helps keep eating down and thus keep calorie intake down as well. It helps convince the brain that you are full. The plant does not appear to have any severe side effects. It is not a stimulant. The biggest precaution you need to take is verifying that the supplement contains only pure Hoodia gordonii. The P57 appears to come only from the Hoodia gordonii plant. Other plants are part of the Hoodia family. Many companies have marketed hoodia supplements that come from the non-gordonii parts of the Hoodia family. This means you will not get the effects you desire.

Hoodia gordonii supplements are not a magic substance that will make the weight drop off overnight. It works best as part of a comprehensive weight loss program. This means modifying your diet and revving up your activity level. The supplements will help suppress your appetite to give you control over what you are eating. They help stave off the cravings that often undermine the best diet intentions. Some people claim that the supplements work immediately. Others say they do not feel the full effects for up to ten days to two weeks. If you don’t feel anything right away, give it a few days before giving up.

You can use hoodia gordonii supplements as part of your weight loss arsenal. Since they are natural, they are less likely to interfere with other medications. However, it is best to consult your doctor to make sure. Use the directions provided to determine the amount you should take and when. Make sure you are getting the real thing. All of this will come together to give you help in meeting or beating your weight loss goals.

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