Healthy Protein Bars

Protein Bars
Protein Bars
I-Supplements has all the major brands of Healthy Protein Bars. Great for all athletes and low carb diets.

Protein is one of the most basic fundamentals of a every ones diet. If you are training hard in the gym, tearing your muscles to shreds, using intensity techniques and bringing your sets beyond failure, then you're at about the halfway point of your journey for ripped, rock hard mass. All your hard work and dedication will never shine through and allow you to blow your competition out of the water unless you supply your body with enough of the building blocks it needs to repair and build new muscle tissue.

Protein! It's that simple... The more protien you ingest, the more you'll grow. Eating enough protein is more important than a hardcore workout! You need to ingest at least one gram of protein for each pound of your bodyweight to maintain the muscle you have worked so hard to build. Eat more tham that and your muscles will grow...BOTTOM LINE!!!

Protein molecules are made up of smaller units called amino acids. Once a protein molecule is broken down into its individual units, amino acids, they are transported to muscle cells via the bloodstream to be used as the building blocks for muscle tissue. There are twenty amino acids commonly found in animal based proteins and eight of these are considered to be essential since the body cannot produce them on its own. These essential amino acids must be obtained through the diet or supplementation. The other twelve amino acids are capable of being produced by the body, but again, should also be obtained through your diet and supplementation.

As you may have already guessed, protein is a key element in building your physique to its maximum potential
  • Promax Pro Series 12pk

    Promax Pro Series 12pk

    $28.99 MSRP $45.00
    Save $16.01
  • Detour Bars 12bars

    Detour Bars 12bars

    $25.99 MSRP $40.68
    Save $14.69
  • Detour Oatmeal Bar 12bars

    Detour Oatmeal Bar 12bars

    $25.99 MSRP $40.68
    Save $14.69
  • Come Ready Bar 12pk Come Ready Nutrition

    Come Ready Bar 12pk Come Ready Nutrition

    $25.99 MSRP $33.48
    Save $7.49
  • Clif Builder's Max 9pk

    Clif Builder's Max 9pk

    $20.99 MSRP $26.91
    Save $5.92
  • About Time Bar by SDC Nutrition 12pk

    About Time Bar by SDC Nutrition 12pk

    $23.99 MSRP $39.99
    Save $16.00