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Topical Fat Burners – Topical Weight Loss

Losing weight can be an uphill battle, especially if you suffer from a physical condition that makes it harder for you to lose weight than most people. Finding an effective way to lose weight is often an exercise in frustration, and you’ve likely tried numerous ways to keep the pounds off with varying degrees of success. Fortunately, topical fat burners, a relatively recent innovation in weight loss, are available that can provide an easy, safe and effective way to lose weight. Here, we’ll talk about how these unique lotions work, along with how they can be used to help you drop pounds and keep them off.

Topical fat burners work by absorbing through the skin into the tissue beneath it. The reason fat collects in certain parts of your body, regardless of exercise or dieting, is because there are receptors known as Alpha 2 andrenoceptors. These are the primary cause of weight gain, because the andrenoceptors keep fat from being used for energy when they are activated. Not only that, but when activated they actually encourage the body to store fat there. The areas with more andrenoceptors, such as the hips, thighs, buttocks, and tummy, are the areas that tend to build more fatty tissue. The topical lotions bind to these andrenoceptors and keep them from activating, allowing your body to use fat stored in these areas for energy, thus reducing the fat stored there.

In order for these topical fat burners to work, however, they must be applied regularly and combined with a healthy diet and exercise. Because they keep the andrenoceptors from being activated, your body will be able to utilize the fat stored there. However, without exercise, your body will have no reason to use the fat, and while the lotions will keep as much fat from being stored there in the future, they cannot simply diminish it without exercise.

That said, if you have trouble getting certain areas of your body trimmed down, these topical fat burners are a great solution. By combining the lotions with regular exercise, your body will start to utilize all of the stubborn fat pockets it can, drastically reducing the amount of fat stored there. By regularly using these fat burning lotions and exercising in order to get rid of the fat pockets, you will see a significant decrease in the amount of body fat stored in those “hard-to-trim” areas.

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