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Tribulus Terresteris
Tribulus Terresteris
Tribulus terrestris is an herb that has been used for centuries in India as well as in China. Tribulus Terrestris extract can be found all over the world and this horny herb can survive harsh climates and can thrive even in poor soil. The tribulus herb has been used in alternative medicine for many years but not until the 1990’s did athletes use this to boost athletic performance as an alternative to anabolic steroids. Many bodybuilding supplements have the tribulus plant added in the formula due to its testosterone elevating properties. Studies have shown over 50 percent increase in levels when the athlete is ingesting tribulus. Elevated testosterone levels can benefit bodybuilders and athletes in many different ways as such:

·Build muscle mass
·Weight loss
·Increase in energy
·Promotes protein synthesis
·Faster recovery time

Tribulus elevates testosterone levels through increasing lutenizing hormone (LH) in your body. LH tells your body to produce more testosterone. Due to the fact that this is not a hormone product, tribulus increases natural testosterone and LH levels. Unlike many pro hormones and other products like DHEA, the tribulus terrestris supplements at works along with your body to produce natural results.

Sexual health is also another popular topic with bodybuilders and athletes. Besides an increase in natural testosterone, tribulus has been labeled as a libido enhancer. Tribulus offers an exciting alternative to erectile drugs like Viagra and Cialis. When this herb is taken it acts as a circular system tonic that helps build strength as well as promotes strong sexual health. European researchers have found that tribulus terrestris extract can improve the quality and the quantity of sperm in healthy men. Sperm takes around 80 days to reach maturity, so experts say that this substance should be taken for the amount of time listed above. Along with an increase in sperm, tribulus can:

·Prolong penile erection
·Stimulate ovogenesis
·Improve sexual activity
·Promote more blood flow
·Non- hormonal

With countless studies in laboratories and in the field of athletic competition, tribulus seems to be a safe bet. No adverse effects to the central nervous system or cardiovascular systems were noted. No known side effects exist where tribulus is used as in a supplementation program. Effective doses used in clinical settings are 750-1500 mgs per day. Athletes and bodybuilders should take Tribulus Terrestris Supplements three to four times daily with meals to receive the desired benefits.

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