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ZMA Zinc Magnesium and Aspartate

ZMA is an anabolic mineral compound that was formulated for athletes and bodybuilders. This advanced supplement was developed by the founder of the world famous BALCO Laboratories Victor Conte. Conte combined zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6 to form ZMA and also provided doping programs for several professional athletes as well as Olympian and over 250 NFL athletes. Weight training athletes that plan on supplementing the diet with ZMA should be excited about the many benefits that this mineral formula offers like:

·Muscle Growth
·Testosterone Booster
·Increases Athletic Performance
·Strength Gains
·Better Quality of Sleep

When athletes increase their workload many of them start to lose essential electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. After certain minerals are depleted, anabolic hormone level start to drop and that can lead to a decrease in athletic performance. Many athletes do a great drop with re-hydration but often forget about lost minerals like zinc and magnesium. Most ZMA supplements on sale here at have 20-40 mg of zinc, 400-500 mg of magnesium, and 10mg of B6. This muscle builder should be taken right before bed. Calcium should be avoided because calcium blocks the absorption of the zinc. Many studies have proven that zma significantly increase testosterone and muscle strength. In 1999 a study was conducted using NCAA football players during a 8-week training program. The athletes who took ZMA showed greater increases in muscle strength. Victor Conte’s company SNAC SYSTEMS INC did the study. ZMA isn’t just for athletes who want to build muscle; zma is also a great sleep aid. Most people report a more restful night of sleep and that can help with:

·Natural GH release
·Elevated IGF levels
·More Focus
·Reduces Stress
·Improves Memory

Insulin-like growth factor is an anabolic hormone that decreases as we age. Most growth factors are secreted while we sleep. ZMA promotes a natural and healthy sleep cycle. This is needed for an increase in IGF-1 levels. With the proven science behind ZMA, many sports nutrition companies produce this free testosterone booster. This product is a very affordable addition to your daily supplement routine. This substance is also a great alternative to anabolic steroids and pro hormones that are banned by certain sports organizations. ZMA supplements on sale here at will not result in a failed drug test. Body Building products like ZMA can be purchased for as low as 12 dollars. If you cant afford a bad night of sleep or muscle loss, then you can afford a powerful nighttime anabolic muscle formula like ZMA.

ZMA Supplements

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