Foundation Nutriceuticals 10 Questions

In a recent phone interview with the owners of Foundation Nutriceuticals, we decided to ask 10 questions so i-Supplements readers could get a different insight of what Foundation is doing and what sets them apart from all of the other supplement companies available to all of us. We like to thank Mr. Short and Mr. Godar for taking the time to answer these questions.

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1.) What makes Foundation Nutriceuticals different from the rest of today’s dietary supplement companies?

The quality of the ingredients used to formulate Foundation Nutriceuticals products are second to none. Our products meet or surpass the ingredient claims on our labels. The owners of Foundation Nutriceuticals formulated the products for their own use so you can feel confident you will get the best results possible.

2.) With so many HGH Products available today what makes GH Pro Stack rise above the rest?

A great product starts with great a formulation and superior ingredients. We have included in our product, ingredients that have been scientifically proved to naturally boost gh levels. GH Prostack uses pharmaceutical grade amino acids, Arginine, Orthinine and Lysine in the most effective ratios. We also use 8 other ingredients to boost gh levels.

3.) Your three ephedra supplements Metabotrol, Hydroxytrol, and Zenatrol how do they differ from most other ephedra products?

Once again is starts with the quality of the ingredients. Not all ephedra is the same, and Foundation Nutriceuticals uses only the most potent ephedra leaves available in the Hydroxytrol, Zenatrol and Metabotrol formulas. .

4.) Most men are looking for the edge in building muscle how is Testatrol designed to increase lean muscle mass and raise testosterone levels while still being a natural supplement?

Unfortunately men's testosterone levels start to drop as early as age 21. Also testosterone in men starts converting to estrogen at greater levels as we age. Testatrol was formulated with key natural ingredients proven to raise testosterone in men. Our diets are not the same as the were 200 years ago, therefore it may not be a natural function for men's testosterone levels to decrease at a early age. Testatrol can fill the nutritional void and may help keep men more vibrant through their later years.

5.) With the popularity of men’s sexual enhancements your two products Vaxitrol and Pro-V pills, what are their significant differences from all the others?

Foundation Nutriceuticals spends $0 dollars on advertising. We rely on customer referrals and testimony from satisfied users. The reason Vaxitrol and Pro V Pills have gotten so popular is because they work, and they work because of superior research on the ingredients and the quality of them.

6.) Out of all of your supplements which of these do you feel is the most important or beneficial as an everyday supplement?

My personal favorites are GH-Prostack combined with Testatrol. Being in my forties I need supplements that will allow me to be as active and athletic as I was in my twenties. It would be tough to pin point 1 specific product as there are so many different types of people with different nutritional needs.

7.) Do you have any plans on bringing back your multi-vitamin Vitatrol?

That is a possibility. Even though a high quality multi-vitamin is essential to good health, Vitatrol was never as popular as our other products. Most customers tend to spread the word on products that work instantly like Vaxitrol and Hydroxytrol, but vitamins work mostly unseen by keeping you healthy. So without advertising the the news of it, Vitatrol has never reached the masses. Foundation Nutriceuticals only sells fresh nutritional supplements. We feel that the fresher the better. For this reason we only produce our products in small batches, that way they are not sitting on warehouse shelves. If we feel the demand for Vitatrol is strong we will produce it once again.

8.) What is the reasoning that Foundation has not come out with their own protein powder?

A protein powder may be in the works for Foundation Nutriceuticals sometime in the future. We only want to bring a high quality protein to the market and with the current economic situation it may be difficult to introduce it at this time.

9.) What is Foundations stance on the current state of the supplement industry?

We feel that while there is need for regulation concerning the safety of products, we also feel that natural vitamins and herbs should not be regulated out of the market. People are intelligent enough to make educated decisions if they have access to the correct information. We feel that the information of supplements must be made available to the consumer and then let the consumer decide, not some 75 year old politician who has never lifted a weight in their life!

10.) What does Foundation Nutriceuticals have planned for their future in 2010?

We have a new, stronger diet pill in the works as well as pro-hormones. These will be state of the art supplements and we feel certain that customers are going to be more than satisfied with the results.

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