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Immune tree - Total Body Research Labs

In a recent sit down interview with TBR Labs, we decided to ask 10 questions so i-Supplements patrons could get a different insight of what Total Body Research Labs is doing and what sets them apart from all of the other supplement companies available to all of us. We like to thank TBR Labs for taking the time to answer these questions.

1.) What exactly is Limu?

Limu is a 4 system activator; Immune, Nervous, Endocrine, Aging. Simultaneously eliminating toxins/heavy metals, balancing pH and releasing negative ions.

2.) With Limu being fairly unknown, what made you decide on it for immune system support?

Due to the research on its ability to work on enhancing “Apoptosis” and regulating the immune response similar to colostrum.

3.) Your company Total Body Research Labs seems to focus on anti-aging and immune system supplements. What made TBR Labs decide to go down this route?

We actually focus on the following; Anti-aging, Immune and Inch Loss. Each of our systems are codependent and the cornerstone of the entire process can be enhanced by the use of colostrum and the synergy it creates with other constituents that we can blend with it. The research we have done through Cornell University has been instrumental in showing the multi-tiered benefits that come with the use of colostrum for each of the areas mentioned.

4.) What is leptin?

Is a hormone like substance that works throughout the body; it has a direct effect on the body to burn and maintain a metabolic balance and allows us to slim down.

5.) What separates leptin from so many other weight loss products?

It works on the underlying issues that other weight loss products never focus on. Things like changing the hypothalamus to not overeat, cleansing the palette so we stay away from sweets, turning on the communication between T3/T4 within the thyroid, building the lean muscle to burn fat and to shrink fat cells.

6.) Does Total Body Research Labs guarantee the potency of their products?

Absolutely, many other companies’s don’t even produce the product they market. We are a completely vertical company; production as well as manufacturing. On our colostrum alone we have letters from a major university showing their independent statement that we are the best in the world!

7.) Many body cleanses are done in a day or week, why does Lepti-Trim Cleanse take 30 days?

Lepti-Trim Cleanse actually can work within the first 24-48 hours, what we have done is created a multivitamin/mineral/enzyme/amino acid blend that cleans and fortifies at the same time.

8.) Many consumers are wary of liquid products. Does this have an impact of people’s views on Oxyquest?

Not at all, the proof is in the pudding as they say, not only does Oxyquest test out, which can be done with a simple testing kit that measures pH but you can physically feel the difference when you take the product within a very short period of time.

9.) Lepti-Trim seems to keep away from the traditional stimulants of caffeine, ephedra and synephrine. Why?

Those things are a quick fix and don’t look at addressing the underlying issue of Inch Loss vs. Weight Loss. When you lose inches it can be for a lifetime vs. weight loss which is mostly water and muscle.

10.) What is the difference between the adult and children’s colostrum?

One is the flavor, we have found that if something doesn’t taste right for the market place they stop taking it. Also, if you look at the amount within the two formula’s you get over twice the amount of colostrum within the adult as you do the Children's Colostrum.

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