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Dragon Venom with 100mg of Ephedra V (Aerial)


With so many bodybuilding supplements on the market today, it can be hard to know what's truly effective. That's why we've chosen the top five ingredients to help you build muscle faster and stronger than ever before.

  • The first is ephedra, a powerful stimulant that's been used by bodybuilders for decades. Research shows that when combined with other ingredients, it can help you gain up to 20 pounds of muscle in just four weeks! That's almost seven pounds of pure muscle per month!

  • The second ingredient is garcinia cambogia. This powerful extract increases your body's ability to burn fat, which can help you build lean muscle even faster.

  • The third ingredient is caffeine anhydrous. Known for its ability to increase energy and focus, caffeine anhydrous is a great way to boost your productivity during your workouts.

  • The fourth ingredient is green tea. This powerful antioxidant has been shown to lower cholesterol and boost metabolism, which can help you burn fat and build lean muscle faster than ever before.

  • And finally, the fifth and final ingredient is green coffee extract. This powerful compound has been shown to boost energy and help you burn fat while you're working out.

 So whether you're hitting the weights or the treadmill, you'll feel stronger and more energized than ever before.

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