ECA Xtreme 90ct by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

Eca Xtreme Ephedra

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 ECA Xtreme by Hi-Tech is now available for all you who once used the Original ECA Stack! Here at, one of the most asked question is "what do you have that is most comparable to the old eca stack"? Well, we finally have your answer! "eca xtreme ephedra"!

The combination of Ephedra, Caffeine and Aspirin (White Willow Bark) works synergistically together so you have more energy and burn more fat. That is why the ECA Stack was so popular. We are very happy to be able to bring this great ephedra diet and energy product to all of our loyal patrons!

Directions: Take 1 tablet three times daily. Do not exceed 4 tablets in any 24 hour period.

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Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1 Caplet
Servings Per Container 90

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value

Proprietary Blend 575mg ** - 575mg Ephedra Extract 25mg (leaves), Kola Nut Extract (200mg Caffeine), White Willow Extract (bark), Senegalia Berlandieri Extract (Leaves) [Yielding 150mg Phenyletnylamine Alkaloids Including: Methylsynephrire, N-Methyl-B-Phenylethylarnine, N, N-Dirnethylphenylethylamine, Phenylethylamine), 2-Arninoisoheptane HCI, Green Tea Extract (leaves), Theobromine, Phenylethyla mine HCI, Citrus Aurantium Extract (25mg Synephrine), Chromium Polynicotinate 200mcg

Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Dextrose, Sodium starch Glycolate, Magnesium Stearate, Stearic Acid, Silica, FD&C Yellow #5.