Stimamine XR 90ct by IDL

Stimamine Extended Release Ephedra

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Stimamine XR by IDL is a hot new ephedra weight-loss pill that features an extended release formula. The Team is really excited about this innovative thermogenic fat burner.

Stimamine XR is an amazing thermogenic developed using a superior blend of proven phytochemicals that have been shown to boost your metabolism into fat burning overdrive while dramatically increasing energy expenditure (thermogenesis). Provides a powerful appetite control solution that promotes feelings of satiety along with reduced food cravings to help reduce caloric intake.

Stimamine XR offers all the same potent hitting energy and fat burning properties but with the addition of extended release. Looking to extend the benefits of Stimamine, then Stimamine XR is for you.

Stimamine XR Features:

-- 25mg of Ephedra
-- Elevated Mood
-- Improved Clean Energy Boost
-- Extended Release Version

Stimamine XR Supplement Facts

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement consume 1 capsule 30 minutes before eating a meal or working out. Do not consume late evening or night time if you are sensitive to stimulants as you may experience difficulty sleeping. Never take more than 1 capsule at once and never exceed 2 capsules per 24 hour period.

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