Payment FAQs


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          Why We Don't Take Credit Cards ?

          How to Pay with CHECK IMAGE

          How to Pay with ACH (GREEN MONEY)

          How to Pay with ZELLE (COMING SOON!)

          How to Pay with VENMO (COMING SOON!)



Credit Card Questions

I cannot use my credit card? Why?

That is correct. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to provide card processing services. The credit card processing companies consider many of the products we sell as “high risk” supplements and will not allow the transaction. Even though these supplements are 100% legal, produced in FDA registered facilities, and are used by thousands of happy customers every day, the processing companies deem the transactions too risky and will not provide processing for the payment transaction.

Fortunately, we've worked very hard to supply you with several other payment options including Electronic Check (an ACH payment), Check Image, Zelle (coming soon!), and Venmo (coming soon!).

Why is this happening?

We wish we knew the exact reason! We’ve argued and pursued legal action for over 10 years to no avail. From what little we’ve been told, we do know that the processing companies believe several of the products we sell; specifically, botanicals, nutraceuticals, ephedra extract, CBD, and sexual enhancements are only bought and sold by fraudsters and con-artists. Which we all know is not true. In reality, these supplements are 100% legal.

Why do you not take credit cards?

There is NO LEGAL CREDIT CARD PROCESSING for these products in the United States. We tried and upon investigation, the solutions are riddled with fraud and do not comply with PCI and security standards for e-commerce.

Why can I use my credit card on other sites?

Those companies are able to charge your credit cards using high-risk, off-shore processing. We refuse to compromise your identity and card security, and we will never do this.

Is my product legal?

100% legal! We buy from and source all supplements sold on our site from reputable vendors and manufactures.


Check Image Questions

Is check image safe?

Absolutely, it is no different than mailing us the actual check for payment. It can only be deposited once and only paid to i-Supplements.

Please do not send an image of a blank check or unsigned check image. Please properly fill out your check, tear from your check book and upload a clear image with your order details or email it to us at with your order number in the subject.

Do I need to send the check in too?

No, there is no need to mail the check if you successfully uploaded the image during checkout or emailed the image to us at

Please watch the "How to Send Money Using Check Image to Complete Your i-Supplements Order" video below if you have any additional questions.


Electronic Check (ACH) Questions

What is ACH and Green Money?

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House. The same payment system you probably already use when you pay your utility bill, receive your paycheck by direct deposit, or make any payment that comes directly from your checking account.

Green Money is our banking partner that processes the payments. It is a completely secure form of payment.

Is this ACH safe?

Yes! You probably already use ACH when you pay your utility bill, receive your paycheck by direct deposit, or make any payment that comes directly from your checking account.

Who is Green Money?

Green Money is our banking partner and has been in business in the US for more than a decade. Visit their site for more information.