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Liquid Prohormone Supplements
LG Sciences is a company with the experience and forward thinking you need to get the best results. They strive to give their customers bodybuilding supplements on the leading edge of formula development. They want to be part of your regimen in building your body to new heights. Most of their formulas came from direct feedback they took from customers. As science and nutrition develops, the advancements continue to arrive. This company is one of the most innovative in the industry. You can see this from the variety of formulas they develop each year.

LG Sciences was one of the first to come out with the Methyl 1-D formula. This most advanced scientific development that provides the benefits of prohormones without the side effects known from the early days. When prohormones first came out, there were problems. Older formulas converted quickly into estrogen. This hormone blocks the effects of testosterone and delays good muscle development. Another problem was hair loss. Older formulas converted into DHT, the hormone that causes hair loss. The Methyl 1-D formula added blockers in the mix to prevent these and other nasty side effects from occurring. You get a rapid delivery of prohormones into the system.

LG Sciences goes beyond this breakthrough in liquid prohormones. The company team has come out with many liquid prohormone formulas designed to give you quick and safe gains in lean muscle and strength. With a dose placed under your tongue, you will see the results quickly. This is fantastic for those requiring a boost during their workout.

For those looking for a hardcore workout, LG Sciences large selection of liquid prohormones and weight loss supplements will amelevate your physique to the next level. The combination of cutting edge products are designed to work together. They will take your workouts to the stratosphere. You get nutrients to give you energy to start. Part of the products help with recovery between reps. You get a boost in metabolism. Your muscles receive growth and toning help. You get a formula to help recover after exercising so you are ready for the next day’s rounds. You get help with moving nutrients effectively for the best results from your workout.

LG Sciences – Innovating the Next Formulas Today
  • Battle Hardener Kit by LG Sciences

    Battle Hardener Kit by LG Sciences

    $94.95 MSRP $129.95
    Save $35.00
  • Trifecta Kit by LG Sciences

    Trifecta Kit by LG Sciences

    $94.95 MSRP $189.99
    Save $95.04
  • Cutting Andro Kit by LG Sciences

    Cutting Andro Kit by LG Sciences

    $124.95 MSRP $249.99
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  • Bulking Andro Kit by LG Sciences

    Bulking Andro Kit by LG Sciences

    $129.95 MSRP $259.99
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