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Total Body Research Labs (TBR Labs) is considered the industry leader in research, production, and manufacturing of colostrum based supplements. Using only the “first milking” for production, they have a third party, independent lab to certify each product. Focused on specific health needs, their products have been proven effective and safe for children and adults. The proprietary formula utilizes pharmaceutical grade ingredients for proven effectiveness. The benefits of these products include healthier body, younger looking skin and an overall look of wellness. Since, all ingredients are natural, your body is able to balance itself. The adverse physical effects of anxiety and inflammation disappear.

Digestive and circulatory health is improved, while the immune system is given a boost. Total Body Research Labs, also known as Total Wellness International, has an entire line of products that have been shown to repair, rebuild and reduce. Their Lepti-Trim products are a blend of natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes. They have been developed to cleanse and detoxify the body while nourishing and increasing its ability to absorb nutrients. Contaminants and toxins are flushed away. Available in a daytime weight loss formula, a maximum strength cleanse and detoxifier as well as protein shakes.

This results in better memory and concentration. It provides antioxidant protection to your cells and increases your ability to focus. In addition, it contains anti-aging properties and supports inch loss. Total Body Research Labs have an extensive research and development process and uses well documented, fundamental science showing its merit. Quality control procedures meet rigorous testing standards and a third-party independent lab ensures that the finished product meets effectiveness levels. Rigorous standards and the use of Good Manufacturing Practices drive the commitment to quality. Only all natural ingredients are used to create these products and no unnecessary fillers are added.

Total Body Research Labs products provide you with more energy, better digestion and in increased sense of wellbeing. The colostrum product line includes gel caps, lozenges, and a powder formula that are designed to stimulate the immune system and help your body absorb nutrients faster. The Flex Complex was created specifically for athletes. It contains 87 natural growth factors and is designed to build lean-muscle and shrink fat zones. OxyQuest Stabilized Oxygen is available in a two-ounce bottle and has been created to destroy bacteria and enhance circulation. Limu Z Nei, previously known as IS, has been proven to positively affect cognitive functions.

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