Standard Colostrum Powder 100g Total Body Research Labs

Standard Colostrum Powder 100g Total Body Research Labs

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Total Body Research Labs Standard Colostrum Powder comes in a convenient package for those of us constantly on the go! Stay healthy and help boost you immune system with Total Body Research's colostrum products! 

INGREDIENTS: Bovine Colostrum

SERVING SIZE: 1 scoop (3g), 66 servings


  • Colostrum contains high concentrations of specific immune modulating facts such as Immuniglobulins, Lactoferrin, Proline Rich Polypeptides and Oligosaccharides.
  • Colostrum may help to restore the Thymus gland (a major contributor to human immunity) which dwindles in size and effectiveness with age.
  • Colostrum helps to make our natural disease fighting T-Cells react more efficiently and effectively when the body senses invading pathogens
  • Colostrum helps to combat cellular inflammation which is often a source of pain, allergies, asthma, skin disorders, and intestinal disorders
  • Colostrum accelerates collagen production which may speed up surface wound closure and has been observed to decrease some forms of dermatitis and psoriasis.