Bulk Colostrum Powder 1000g Total Body Research Labs

Bulk Colostrum Powder 1000g Total Body Research Labs

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Total Body Research Labs Bulk Colostrum Powder 1000g is power packed with first milking colostrum to help keep you happy and healthy! Browse the selection of colostrum products from TBR Labs today! 

INGREDIENTS: Bovine Colostrum

SERVING SIZE: 1 scoop (10g), 100 servings


  • Colostrum contains high concentrations of specific immune modulating factors such as Immunoglobulins, Lactoferrin, Proline Rich Polypeptides, and Oligosaccharides.
  • Colostrum may help to restore the Thymus gland (a major contributor to human immunity) which dwindles in size and effectiveness with age.
  • Colostrum helps to make our natural disease fighting T-Cells react more efficiently and effectively when the body senses invading pathogens
  • Colostrum helps to combat cellular inflammation which is often a source of pain, allergies, asthma, skin disorders, and intestinal disorders
  • Colostrum accelerates collagen production which may speed up surface wound closure and has been observed to decrease some forms of dermatitis and psoriasis.