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TBR Labs
Total Body Research Labs are the master minds of a variety of health & nutrition supplements that focus on anti-aging, boosting the immune system and weight loss. Their products are all colostrum based and are the result of two decades of research, production and development. When they first began, their focus was on the production, or farm level. It was only after extensive research was conducted that they moved to the collection and processing of raw colostrum. The manufacturing of finished goods came only after the other stages were perfected. All of their products are certified and ranked at Cornell University.

TBR Labs has been the provider of high quality colostrum based nutritional supplements here at i-Supplements since 2007. The colostrum used in their products is collected is of the highest quality, which makes it more potent than other offerings on the market today. These products are the result of many years of research and quality assurance. The formula has been standardized which provides consistency in its effect. When taken as directed, customers have stated that they become ill less often and feel healthier than they have in years. There are no additives or preservatives. All products are certified pure and 100% organic by an independent laboratory.

It is one of the top ranked diagnostic labs in the world. The Certification program at Total Body Research Labs combines nutritional science and quality manufacturing standards. They believe that everyone deserves an efficient and functional immune system. Colostrum is the first collection of a thick creamy liquid that is produced by the mammary gland of a mammal that has just given birth. It is the first substance that a mother gives to her newborn. It contains immune and growth factors that are engineered to protect against disease. Over time, it can also heal body tissue.

There are many health benefits from the products developed by TBR Labs. They have been shown to stimulate the immune system, contain anti-aging benefits and help the body renew itself. Their products consistently surpass others that have similar goals and ingredients. They are manufactured in compliance with the requirements for good manufacturing practices (GMP). One of their most popular products is Bovine Colostrum. It is harvested from USDA Grade A, veterinary cows. They exceed required organic standards by maintaining zero tolerance for the contaminants found in most products. This includes, but is not limited to, antibiotics, pesticides and hormones.

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